You have no idea of what I'm talking about. I totally understand. Don't worry. It's not an "inside" baking joke only a culinary aficionado would chuckle at. The title plays on the old saying "make lemonade out of lemons". In my case it's little candy confetti. Let me explain.

As I build this baking business from the ground up there are supplies needed - equipment, tools, devices and, of course, food and consumables. This includes all things butter, flour, sugar and chocolate. That includes decorative items as well. My overall baking approach is usually pretty simple and I try not to overpower treats with unnecessary adornments. But there are the necessary standards like sprinkles, sanding sugar and these little amazing rainbow confetti candies. Just looking at them makes you smile. So I just had to get some!

Well, in my haste to order the rainbow candy confection along with the numerous pounds of varieties of chocolate chunks, discs and bars I checked the 25 pound shipment and not the 5 pound one. I was certainly surprised when the delivery came in! You may say that 5 pounds is already too much but you'd be surprised how quickly these things dissapear. I've almost gone through 1/2 a gallon of vanilla paste (used by the teaspoon) and I'm not even in full production mode yet!

Yes, 25 pounds is a lot. Even for me! So I had to conceive exactly how to start consuming them so they can be rightfully enjoyed. This brings me to the latest concoction - the Confetti Cupcake. The bigger brother of this idea is the Confetti Cake which is featured on the menu as one of our signature cakes. It's a great all-around celebratory cake that is a vanilla base with bursts of reds, blues, oranges and greens throughout. For the cupcake we scaled it down and added a caramel buttercream frosting decorated with a few more candy confetti for good measure. Get ready to enjoy!