Beginning April 1st, SPüN Bakery is excited to announce they will be adding cricket protein to all their baked goods and special treats. "We are thrilled to provide something healthy even to the most decadent treat.", reports Don Gaile, Chief Baking Officer.

According to Wikipedia, In the southern part of Asia including CambodiaLaosThailand and Vietnam, crickets are commonly eaten as a snack, prepared by deep frying the soaked and cleaned insects. In Thailand, there are 20,000 farmers rearing crickets, with an estimated production of 7,500 tons per year and United Nation's FAO has implemented a project in Laos to improve cricket farming and consequently food security.The food conversion efficiency of house crickets (Acheta domesticus) is 1.7, some five times higher than that for beef cattle, and if their fecundity is taken into account, 15 to 20 times higher.


To further focus on local and natural resources, SPüN will be partnering with a local Maine cricket farm right in Yarmouth. "We think Don and his amazing baked goods will only improve with our delicious and nutritious cricket protein powder. It's real win-win!", chirps Ben Solo, Yarmouth Cricket Farms President.

cricket farmers.jpg

"We like to be ahead of the curve on trends. We believe every bite should be delicious so it makes perfect sense to add these delectable critters to everything.", says Don Gaile.