our made-to-order offerings

Manage (or contribute to) Your Pastry Case

Do you want to offer your customers the best assortment of delicious handmade treats? Let us manage your offerings and develop a menu oriented to your customers’ needs. We can pair our foods with your products. Kind of like pairing food & wine, but not as fancy!

Special Events & Parties

Celebrating something that needs to end on the perfect sweet note? We will personalize your order so that it fits perfectly with your event theme or dietary needs.

Single Orders

Have a hankering for a dozen cookies or cupcakes? What about a pie? Cake? Who doesn’t? Give us a ring or send us an email and we’ll whip it together in a jiffy.

Children’s Birthdays

What special treat are you serving underneath the trick candles? We will personalize your order to help you create memories that you and your kids will remember forever. Talk to us about our “Make Your Own Event” service. The whole party can make their own cupcakes, donuts, or toaster pastries! We provide lots of options including flavors, decorations, festive ware, and a personalized chef’s apron.

Office Snacks & Celebrations

Need scones, muffins or a quick bread selection for a morning meeting? Stocking your snack pantry? Planning an event to honor an employee? Looking to help your employees combat the 3 p.m. office lull? Try a sweet and healthy pick-me-up of handmade oats, our gluten-free nutty granola, or other delicious treat.

Call (207) 417-7097 or e-mail info@spunbakery.com to make an inquiry or tell us about your fave treat. We love chatting with our fans!

It's all about passion.

I’ve always had a passion for food, especially anything containing my 3 favorite ingredients; sugar, flour, and butter.

I think my love of sweets all started with my grandmother back when I was a youngster. I remember the hours she spent in her small kitchen in New York City making all sorts of delicious treats. Her specialty was homemade applesauce. It was nothing but strained and pressed Rome apples. Incredibly pink, sweet, and luscious. She never added sugar, except for maybe a strawberry or two when they were in season.

But before I could venture into making delicious treats I lived many other lives. Previously I was a banker, internet cowboy, human resources executive, and finally award winning filmmaker and producer. Now, I am a baker. 

So how does baking and food fit into all this? The passion for creativity and trailblazing was a part of every job I’ve ever had. I’ve been lucky enough in my various lives to be able to pursue my greatest passions. Delicious treats have always been one of them – especially consuming them! Sometimes I’d rather skip the meal and go right to the cake or the cookie or the pastry or the pie. Who doesn’t feel that way?

I now can bring you delicious, thoughtful, seasonal baked goods. Together we will savor the bounty and diversity that Maine offers! I am excited to focus my vast knowledge, hundreds of recipes, and creativity into something I am truly inspired to do every day.